the List of Lexi

1. I am naturally a brunette. My hair is a gross mousy brown colour — I think.
2. I was 12 the first time I dyed my hair. Blonde.
3. As for the blonde thing, every year I tell myself I will not go blonde for summer. I always do.
4. My hair changes for the seasons. Light in the summer. Dark in the winter.
5. I hate my natural nails. I have acrylics.
6. I also hate infils. I get them taken off and re-applied every 4 weeks.
7. I enjoy knitting. I am not very good at it, and I can’t follow a pattern, but it’s soothing.
8. I can’t actually “end” knitting. I knit until I get bored of the colour. Then I pull it apart and start again.
9. I hate knitted things.
10. My favourite colour is Red. Then Black. Then White.
11. I feel the need to go back to school. I disliked studying when I HAD to do it, but now it is over, I WANT to do it.
12. Partly because I love stationary. I could spent hours looking over the officeworks catalogue.
13. My resume is very varied. Since school I have worked in Child Care, in Strata, in Real Estate, in Hospitality, in Graphic Design/IT,  in Journalism, in Sales and now in Tourism. I think I have finally found where I am meant to be.
14. I am not an animal or child person. In fact, if they aren’t mine, I don’t want to know about it.
15. I have been a girly girl since birth. I went through a “tom-boy” phase where I wore shorts, sneakers and had pet Blue Tongues. This stage is very happily, well and truly behind me.
16. I am petrified of birds. My first ever pet was a duck. Strange huh?
17. I love high heels. I would wear them everyday if it was practical.
18. I would die without makeup. Some people say only those who lack self-esteem wear makeup. This may be the case but I am a whole heap more confident with it.
19. I am a sucker for oversized sunglasses, but I am brutal on them. On average I go through a pair a month. I went through a pair of Chanel and Fendi’s in the space of 3 weeks. Both ended up shattered. Expensive lesson to learn.
20. In order to function I need ALOT of sleep, or NONE. If I know I will get less than 4 hours of sleep – I stay awake.


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