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January 1, 2011

12 months of resolutions.

I posted a while back about 25 things I wanted to achieve by the age of 25.
Guess what?
I haven’t worked on ONE.SINGLE.THING.

here are TWELVE of those goals broken down into manageable bite sized pieces.

The Goal: Get out of debt.
What I will do: I have made the first step, I cut up two of my credit cards, deleted my eBay account and suspended my Paypal. If I want something, I save for it. Period.

The Goal: Complete my Bachelor of Communications.
What I will do: I have un-enrolled. But don’t be disheartened dear readers. Come February I will enrolling in an events/sales course which will basically give me the qualifications to do the job I am already doing 😀
It just gives me the added boost in the industry.

The Goal: Save a deposit for a house.
What I will do: This is NEVER going to happen. Not as long as I am adamant to go it on my own.
I have worked out the pros and cons and have realised that in the long run it will probably work out in my best interest just to rent. I know moving is a pain, but you all know me, I can’t stay in the same place for too long so buying isn’t realistic [nor is my salary vs mortgage rates].
Watch out dear readers, in March, Lexi will be moving to the NC

The Goal: Get down to a size 10.
What I will do: By April I will be living back in civilisation which means, I don’t need to DRIVE everywhere.
That said, I will be also be [hopefully] back in a positive bank balance so I can afford gym fees again.

The Goal: Make Gnocchi from scratch.
What I will do: The old fashioned test and try.
If one recipe doesn’t work, I will just try another. I have wanted to master this for SO long that I have been too scared to even attempt it. Hopefully I will manage, right in time for Winter.

The Goal: Cook my way through Italy
What I will do: I won’t be cooking my way around Italy, but I will be going to Italy [and Greece, and Egypt, and Abu Dhabi] in June 2012 so saving and planning this will be in full swing.

The Goal: Meditate
What I will do: I need to get prepared for the busy season looming at work.
I will get back into meditation this month and possibly even attempt some seminars.

The Goal: Finish the City to Surf
What I will do: Get my bum into gear. Couch to 5km will become my best friend. Gotta kick my butt into gear to finish the City to Surf

The Goal: Become fluent in Italian
What I will do: Practice. I am noticing that the more I study the more it is coming back to me.
Plan is to get a tutor though, my pronunciation is WAY off.

The Goal: Cook something I have grown
What I will do: Spring is in full swing [hehe] so my herbs will be ready to use.
Not exactly what I had in mind when I originally set this goal, but, baby steps.

The Goal: Go a whole week without phone and/or internet
What I will do: I honestly could not go a week without a phone. Work demands are too high, and having Bratchild around means I need to have constant access to him [and emergency services] but in 2011 I will be shutting down my unnecessary internet usage [Social networking, non work related emails/websites, blogs etc] and go all out for the Global Communication Shutdown. From the 1st until the 8th of November, I will be shut down to raise awareness and funds for autism.

The Goal: Go Camping
What I will do: Gear up lovelies. It’s my birthday month and we are gonna hit the road and go camping.
Five star camping. I need hot running water and possibly a bed? Who is in?

What are your resolutions?
Do you make them? and how do you reward yourself when you keep them?

Happy New DECADE lovelies!

August 18, 2010


I am a bit socially stunted.
And extremely awkward when it comes to social gatherings.

Pretty much avoid them as much as possible.
And hide behind my “social networking” persona.
Which is me,
Just a little bit more extroverted and out there than normal me.

This afternoon I had an amazing opportunity to meet some of the lovely people I talk to daily on Twitter.
They were everything they are online.
Fun, and fabulous.
Fortnightly coffee dates have been set,
And I very much look forward to this event increasing in numbers as the word spreads.
Nothing was awkward, it was all so easy.

So thankyou, #PortStephens tweethearts,
Today I realised that Social Networking really is a positive when it comes to being social.
And that I have nothing to lose by meeting new people.

August 15, 2010

25 Things I want to achieve by 25.

I always set unrealistic goals for myself.
And I never follow through on them.

Here is a list of things I want to do, for myself, before turning 25.

1. Get out of debt.

2. Save a deposit for an apartment [At least $20,000]
This may sound obvious, but from the above you will notice I am terrible with money.

3. Own, and be able to operate, a digital SLR camera.

I have wanted one for years, now they are digital a little bit easier to use.

4. Go to New York.
I have wanted to live there since I was 5 years old.
Just getting there for even a day will be the highlight of my life.
AND, its achievable

5. Complete my Certificate of Communications.
Holding the Bachelor would be FANTASTIC, but if I put that kind of pressure on myself, it won’t happen.
Baby steps.

6. Own my dream car.
Since my “dream” car isn’t as eleborate as a porsche or a merc, I think I can achieve this by 25.
Suburu WRX anyone?

7. Get down to a size 10-12.
I am currently a 14-16, should be able to manage well before 25.

8. Become fluent in Italian.
Again, baby steps.
The last time I learnt the language, I rushed.
Now I need to step back, and really soak it in.

9. Own a pair of Manolos.
Because, really, isn’t this every girls dream?

10. Have a great, closeknit group of friends.
I have great friends now.
I just don’t have that fab group dynamic thing I so desperately want.

11. Get my PWC License.
Getting my Boat License and learning to drive a boat was one thing, now I want to conquer the Jet Ski

12. Spend a months wages on a single pair of shoes.
This is different to my Manolo dream.
Manolos are Manolos.
This is for any brand, anything that takes my fancy – choos, loubitans…

13. Make a great gnocchi from scratch.

14. Learn to sing.
I am tone-deaf. I would LOVE to hire a voice coach and learn to sing at least ONE song, really well.

15. Live a week without my phone, or internet.
This will be a hard one.
But it’s something I am adamant I will do.

16. Run the Melbourne Marathon.
Not walk, run.

17. Finish the City to Surf.
When I lived in Sydney I was far to unfit to complete it,
So I never attempted it.

18. Host an event for charity.
Not just participate, I want to plan it, and see it through.
I feel you would get a greater sense of achievement this way.

19. Meditate

Yoga is one thing.
But meditating somewhere like the cliffs at Bronte would be an AMAZING experience.

20. Cook my way through Italy.
Or, at least, take an Italian cooking class.

21. Go Camping.
I am city girl. I don’t do “outdoors”
But I want to give this a go.

22. Read one new book – every month.
Not just Cosmo/Cleo, but an actual book.
Chick Lit, Literature – doesn’t matter.

23. Cook something I have grown.
I currently am attempting to grow Basil, Thyme, Rosemary and Oregano.
I would LOVE to use these in my cooking, IF they ever grow.

24. Watch the sun set over the ocean.
Yep, that means I need to go to WA.

25. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.
Because I love Sydney with all my heart.
AND it means I will of conquered my fear of heights.

And a few other things I plan on doing frequently …

1. Tell my family I love them.
I honestly don’t think I do this enough.
And if I do, I don’t always mean it, its habitual.

2. Smile at strangers.
I avoid eye contact and interaction with strangers.
But a smile from one always makes me a little bit happy.

3. Maintain a blog.
It may be this one, I may start afresh, but I want to keep writing – somewhere

4. Finish crossword puzzles.
I don’t do them very often, but when I do, I never complete them.

5. Travel
Even just weekend trips to Brisbane, or to Melbourne.
Discovering new places.
Getting away does amazing things to your body, mind and soul