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January 1, 2011

12 months of resolutions.

I posted a while back about 25 things I wanted to achieve by the age of 25.
Guess what?
I haven’t worked on ONE.SINGLE.THING.

here are TWELVE of those goals broken down into manageable bite sized pieces.

The Goal: Get out of debt.
What I will do: I have made the first step, I cut up two of my credit cards, deleted my eBay account and suspended my Paypal. If I want something, I save for it. Period.

The Goal: Complete my Bachelor of Communications.
What I will do: I have un-enrolled. But don’t be disheartened dear readers. Come February I will enrolling in an events/sales course which will basically give me the qualifications to do the job I am already doing 😀
It just gives me the added boost in the industry.

The Goal: Save a deposit for a house.
What I will do: This is NEVER going to happen. Not as long as I am adamant to go it on my own.
I have worked out the pros and cons and have realised that in the long run it will probably work out in my best interest just to rent. I know moving is a pain, but you all know me, I can’t stay in the same place for too long so buying isn’t realistic [nor is my salary vs mortgage rates].
Watch out dear readers, in March, Lexi will be moving to the NC

The Goal: Get down to a size 10.
What I will do: By April I will be living back in civilisation which means, I don’t need to DRIVE everywhere.
That said, I will be also be [hopefully] back in a positive bank balance so I can afford gym fees again.

The Goal: Make Gnocchi from scratch.
What I will do: The old fashioned test and try.
If one recipe doesn’t work, I will just try another. I have wanted to master this for SO long that I have been too scared to even attempt it. Hopefully I will manage, right in time for Winter.

The Goal: Cook my way through Italy
What I will do: I won’t be cooking my way around Italy, but I will be going to Italy [and Greece, and Egypt, and Abu Dhabi] in June 2012 so saving and planning this will be in full swing.

The Goal: Meditate
What I will do: I need to get prepared for the busy season looming at work.
I will get back into meditation this month and possibly even attempt some seminars.

The Goal: Finish the City to Surf
What I will do: Get my bum into gear. Couch to 5km will become my best friend. Gotta kick my butt into gear to finish the City to Surf

The Goal: Become fluent in Italian
What I will do: Practice. I am noticing that the more I study the more it is coming back to me.
Plan is to get a tutor though, my pronunciation is WAY off.

The Goal: Cook something I have grown
What I will do: Spring is in full swing [hehe] so my herbs will be ready to use.
Not exactly what I had in mind when I originally set this goal, but, baby steps.

The Goal: Go a whole week without phone and/or internet
What I will do: I honestly could not go a week without a phone. Work demands are too high, and having Bratchild around means I need to have constant access to him [and emergency services] but in 2011 I will be shutting down my unnecessary internet usage [Social networking, non work related emails/websites, blogs etc] and go all out for the Global Communication Shutdown. From the 1st until the 8th of November, I will be shut down to raise awareness and funds for autism.

The Goal: Go Camping
What I will do: Gear up lovelies. It’s my birthday month and we are gonna hit the road and go camping.
Five star camping. I need hot running water and possibly a bed? Who is in?

What are your resolutions?
Do you make them? and how do you reward yourself when you keep them?

Happy New DECADE lovelies!