The decade that was…

As the year draws to a close, as does another decade in the life of Lexi.
It has been a massive ten years.

I saw in the “Millennium” decade with orange juice, and I will bid it farewell with a glass of champagne.

Throughout the past ten years I have grown up in so many ways.
I went through puberty, through “fads”, hit milestones and have had a fair share of ups and downs.

Made new friends, lost some old ones.
Changed my hair WAY to many times to count
Became addicted to caffeine and nicotine
Learnt to drive
Started High School, and survived through to graduation.
Many, many moves.
Even more career paths.
Fell in love, had my heart broken – more than once.
Was almost married, and promised marriage, then watched it all fall apart – Twice
Experienced first hand the miracle of life with three perfect, gorgeous babies
Watched those babies grow into perfect, gorgeous children
Developed crushes on unattainable movie stars
Made ten New Years resolutions – broke them all.
Have been happy.
Have been down.
Have been depressed.
And have seen the light.
I’ve been tattooed – and pierced.
I’ve experimented.

In ten years I have become who I am today
And whilst I am far from perfect, I am finally learning to stand on my own two feet.

It might take me another decade – but I will get there.

So whilst we say arrivederci to the Noughties – what has the last decade meant to you?


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