Failure isn’t new to me.
In fact, it’s what I will amount to in life – or so I have been told.

I never complete anything.
Everything just gets too hard and I run away.

I have done it again.
Wanted to work in PR.
Enrolled in the course.
And now, I either have until 5pm to complete my “exam” [Aka 4 essays]
Not do it.
And fail again.

And I have chosen the fail.
I don’t want to do it anymore.
I can’t.
I’m not up to it – I don’t have the time – or the desire.

Thats not saying I have given up on study.
2011 is the start of something new.
I will be completing my certificate in Events Management.
It’s more managable than a Bachelor
And I am excited.

And when I do complete it, expect me to shove it back your face.


One Comment to “Failure.”

  1. Don’t be silly. You didn’t fail because you were incapable of completing it, you just decided it wasn’t for you.
    You’ll find something that is right for you and when you do, you’ll complete it.

    Just don’t give up on yourself. X

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