To be nine again…

As a kid I always thought about how amazing it was going to be to be an adult.
You had freedom,
You could do what you liked,
Spent what you liked,
Stay up all night and sleep all day.
You got to eat what you wanted and spend as much time with your friends as you wanted too and you were never scared of anything.

But now,
As an adult, I would LOVE to go back to being a kid for just a day.
Just one day to soak it all in and appreciate how easy life was.

As a kid you have freedom, you aren’t burdened with mortgage repayments, with studying, with work.

You could spend all your money on Spice Girls CD’s and lipgloss and even though you didn’t have much, what you did have was all yours – you didn’t have to worry about using it to pay for petrol, for utilities.

As a kid you literally could sleep all day – you might not have been allowed to, but there was the odd occasion you could vegetate all day on the couch, watching TV, playing gameboy and you didn’t have to still get up to mow the lawn or watch your kids.

Mum may not of let you eat pop-tarts for breakfast, but all those other things you ate, those special treats, the ice-cream you were allowed because you ate your broccoli – as an adult you can’t eat those things because of your sensitive teeth, your lactose intolerance or your waistline.

Time with your friends was limited. You could stay and play until it got dark, or until Dad came and picked you up after work – but what time you had, you had together. There was no scheduling months in advance, or having a quick drink between meetings, time was not of the essence and you had the energy to play all day.

As a kid those nightmares and christmas beetles may have scared the bejesus outta you – but some of those fears never go away, as a 23 year old I am still scared stiff of Christmas beetles, but those fears are so minor. As an adult you fear scarier things, things like failure, commitment and the feeling of having control over nothing.

So yes,
For just one day – I wish I was a kid again.
Skinned knees are easier to fix than a broken heart.
And cleaning spilled milk is easier to wipe than a bad credit rating.


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