Just another manic Friday?

Thursday evenings are usually spent getting manicures, shopping, or sitting at home chilling after a hectic day.

Occassionally it means a dinner/coffee date with a friend.
Last night, dinner turned into many, many coffees to keep up with the late night out.

Late night out, turned into an early morning of blog surfing because of the caffiene high.
4:30 this morning I was still watching the clock.

This was fabulous when my alarm went off at 5am.
Snooze was pressed countless times until it was 6am and I was forced out of bed to manage to make the commute and get to work on time.

My hair is naturally curly.
But, just like the mystery of my natural hair colour – most of you wouldn’t know it.
GHD and straightening balm are my best friends.

Well, this morning – my hair DID NOT want to co-operate.
No amount of blowdrying, dry shampoo, straightening or swearing worked.
No time to wash and re-set, I am sitting here with ridiculously dry, hideous hair.
Thank goodness for the hair ties I keep in my car.


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