Baby Hewitt

Bec and Leyton have done it again.

They have had their THIRD baby.
It’s a girl, she arrived [apparently] six weeks early – but both mum and bub are healthy.

Now, We all know the Hewitt’s love the spotlight, the media, and will attend the opening of an envelope
[With mother and daughter in matching frocks – of course]

But with the arrival of Mini Hewitt #3 comes a whole new [ridiculous] spin on money making and fame whoring.
The Hewitt’s are charging their fans two dollars for the name.

That’s right folks,
Just a simple $2 text and they will send you the name of their baby.
Along with the thousand other idiots people who signed on for this.

I don’t have a problem with them using their kid name to raise the money for charity.
All decent celebs do once and a while,
But it’s not going to charity.
Nope, it’s going straight into their pocket.

Two words for you Leyton, “Come on!”

As if NW or New Idea haven’t already sent that text?
Bet it’s in next weeks issue.

** Editor’s Spoiler **
Baby’s name is Ava Sydney Hewitt.


2 Comments to “Baby Hewitt”

  1. Ahh too many morons in the world 0_o I do love the name Ava though ❤

  2. Happy to have you blogging AGAIN ! ❤

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