This town. My life.

Where I come from, and where I live now, are both beachside suburbs.
Both very popular tourist destinations.

But that is where the similarity ends.

I miss my old “town” – it was always busy, always hectic, it was fast paced and everyone was anonymous.
This town is quiet, and everyone knows everyone else’s business.

I don’t want a first name basis relationship with the mayor.
I am sick of everyone who holds a license, because, they really shouldn’t have one.

I am over being the youngest person in my street by at least 4 decades.

This place is lovely.
It really is.
But, I was born on a rolling stone, and I feel so suffocated.
I need out.


One Comment to “This town. My life.”

  1. Come back to your home town.
    I spend half my week there anyway.
    I’d like to have you close so we can be real friends.

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