Homebound this evening due to mothering duties,
I have a very dear friend stay over to help keep me entertained.

Our planned evening of dinner, cocktails and gossip changed to pyjamas and movie time after a particularly stressful week for the both of us.

Toddler in bed.
Pillows fluffed.
Candles lit.
Flannelettes on.
A duo of beauties sloths.

I have been wanting to watch the movie “Precious” since it’s cinema release.
Finally got around to ordering it on Quickflix.

If you have children.
If you have nieces, nephews, stepkids, grandkids
Any child you hold dear,
DO NOT watch this movie.

Two hours later and I am still pretty affected.
Bratchild woke up partway through the movie and I sat on the couch,
him sleeping on my chest,
feeling him breath,
So close I could hear his heart beating,
And for the millionth time since his birth
I swore that I would never, ever let anything happen to him.

Movies like this one once had no effect on me.
A movie.
A story.
Not real life. Not MY life.

Children change the world.
They change everything you once thought,
Everything you thought you knew.

My world was shaken up and torn apart
by a demon with dimples and curls.
But, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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