It has to be said that I have,

I know all mothers, grandmothers and aunts think the same thing about their child.

Bratchild has transformed,
Almost overnight,
From a bratty, stubborn toddler
To the caring, sweet, innocent child that I fell in love with at first sight.

To hear him tell you he loves you – melts my heart
His hugs.
His smiles.
His kisses.
His mischievousness.
That cheeky grin.
Those amazing eyelashes
And his angelic dimples.

This child is my life.

I love him with all my heart.

Having a child doesn’t mean creating one.
Or giving birth to one.
It is, loving another human being more than you love yourself.
To watch them grow from tiny dependent souls to fully grown adults,
That you helped to nourish, that you helped to teach
That you would give your last breathe for their happiness, their health.

Bratchild, you are my world.


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