Reward System

I am terrible for completing goals.
I want things so so badly; but once the ball starts rolling, I get scared and run away.

Here is the deal.

I am giving myself a reward system.
Not gold stars, or a stamp on a chart.
Real incentive.

For each home made meal I make, I get vodka. Ordering out/Lean Cuisines = Alcohol Free evening.

For each chapter of my textbooks I complete [Including definitions AND case studies) I get a full night off study, for home pampering. Bath, Reading, etc.

For each COMPLETE book that I read, I get to go out, dinner/coffee/shopping etc.

For each $100 I put in savings, I get to buy myself a new book.
For each $50 I put on my credit card, I get to buy myself a new magazine.
IF I manage to make and keep an appointment with a financial planner and actually LEARN and IMPLEMENT a savings plan/budget, I can get a massage.

For each 5kgs I lose, I get to buy a pair of shoes.

Now, I know these are very contradictory – buying shoes, going out for dinner, saving money, losing weight etc.
And I will reassess, but if it helps get the ball rolling, why not?

Lets see how it goes.

Do your reward yourself when you do the right thing?
How do you keep yourself motivated once the shine has worn off?


4 Comments to “Reward System”

  1. I love that idea! Thank you x

  2. Interesting.
    Im not sure I agree with your motives…. but prehapts that is just because they dont work for me.
    Some seem to contradict another.
    Although good and positive attitude. I might start similar. Today you will read, is my day one.
    preahps day 10 needs a reward.

  3. What a great idea. I think giving yourself these little rewards will make your goals easier to stick to – give a little, take a little etc. Good luck and definitely update us on how it goes! x

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