The Election

I always swore to myself that I would never discuss politics here,
But something is urging me to write about it.
Not about the campaigns,
Not persuade you, dear readers, who you should vote for.
But why I think the way I do about the current situation.

That current situation would be,
Julia Gillard.
Commonly referred to amongst my group of friends as “Fantapants”.

I disagree with most things she says.
She is the leader of the ALP and I was born a Liberal.
There are obvious reasons why I dislike the woman.

But there,
I said it.

That is the thing that frustrates me about this election.
It isn’t as simple as Man VS Woman.
But that isn’t what annoys me most.

I am annoyed at the things that I DON’T feel.
Gen-Y girls were raised believing that woman can do anything that men can do,
She and I have so many similarities,
Female, unmarried and an athiest.
I should WANT her to lead this country.

I don’t think she will do the best job.
She is merely a bogan puppet,
The strings are pulled by a higher power –
The ALP.

Before you number those boxes on Saturday*
You are NOT voting for a person,
You are voting for a party.

And please, Vote.
Don’t let Latham win and throw your voice away.
We have many men and woman, fighting a war where people die everyday, to gain the right to do something we all take for granted.

* Unless you vote early.
Like me.
I have better things to do on Saturday than be mobbed by the Green’s groupies.
Like, wash my hair.


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