Less than Ms Bradshaw.

My greatest role-model is Carrie Bradshaw.
You only have to know me for about 30 seconds before you work that out.

She is strong.
She is independent.
She knows what she wants, and she goes for it.

Much like how I want to be.

But not only is she the above things,
She is also loving her life,
She has the greatest friends,
And seems to have found her passion for her career early on in life.

As I sit here, in my new pink hoodie pyjamas and ugg boots, sipping peppermint tea.
I can’t help but wish my life were as glamorous as hers.

Guess that’s what life is.
Role models may come and go,
And as hard as you try, you will never live up to the image of them you have created.
The pedestal is too high.

My role-model is a fictional character.
She will never be real.
She will never have real heartache,
No debt,
No friendship breakups,
Never deal with death or disease.
Or everyday stresses.

She is perfect, She was written that way.
Therefore, no matter how much I fake it,
How much I strive for it.
I will always be, less than Ms Bradshaw.


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