Summer is coming.

It’s true.
Summer is well and truly on it’s way.

Longer days.
Warmer nights.
That sudden urge to lose a few kgs before swimsuit season.

But the real reason I know summer is on it’s way is my body.
My body just knows.
Whilst I am not a huge fan of summer,
My diet is.

There is nothing better on a hot day than a freshly made fruit salad.
With maybe a cheeky scoop of berry sorbet.

I have been craving fruit in a BIG way.
Which is much better than the carb-a-licious cravings of winter.

Bring on summer.
Bring on floaty dresses.
Bring on chunky wedges.
Bring on fake tan and the smell of coconut
Bring on months of it being socially acceptable to eat nothing but fruit and fresh veggies.

What do you love most about summer?


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