I have an addiction.

To caffeine.

Coffee came first every morning.
And multiple times throughout the day to cope with work.

This week, I decided to lay off the caffeine altogether.
I made it to nine am on Monday morning.
Lexi and Caffeine are very much dependant on each other.

So I change my decision.
ONE coffee a day.
In the morning, to kick start my day.

And I have done it!
I have even cut out my 3pm can of coke
and switched to a glass of OJ
or sugar-free, caffeine free diet coke.

I have to admit,
Sleep is a wonderful thing.
In bed by 9:30, whereas I used to be up past 2am.

Breaking the cycle was the hardest part.
And by 2pm my blood sugar drops right down.
Piece of fruit is a much better alternative to a double strength soylatte.

Have you given up an addiction?
Has it made a positive, or a negative impact on your life.


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