The eternal search.

As women we are on an eternal search for the perfect.
The perfect LBD,
The perfect cut of jeans,
The perfect height heel,
The perfect fragrance,
The perfect nail colour.

This last one has me currently frazzled.

I have always been the classic “french tipped” kind of gal.
But lately I have been craving some colour in my life.

I want the perfect shade of pastel blue.
And I know what I want.
I want tiffany blue.
I cannot find the perfect shade, anywhere.
Spent hours online,
And in stores,
and I am yet to come across my dream colour.
OPI is probably the closest I will come to my dream.

So today,
I am wearing Rimmel #825 – Sky High.
Its almost an aqua in colour.

I refuse to settle.
I want what I want.

What’s your perfect shade of nail?


3 Comments to “The eternal search.”

  1. I had a pretty close to Tiffany blue nail polish yearssss ago.
    It was just a sportsgirl one. Veryy Pretty 🙂

    And right now, I’m on the hunt for an orange. Not too orange, more of a yellowy orange, but not too yellow.

  2. This was my first Rimmel attempt.
    I’m not usually the ‘chemist’ brand kinda gal.
    Pretty loyal to OPI and Chanel.

    But I am pleasantly suprised with it.
    Might try out a few of their other colours.

    Also going to order some American Apparel, it’s supposed to be pretty good.

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