iPhone Apps.

This months cosmopolitan had a great article on useful Mobile Phone Apps.
I already use two of their recommendations.

Here are my top 5 iPhone applications:

This app costs $2.49
Take a photo from within the app, or choose one from your library.
You then choose from 14 different filters to transform your photos.
Its quick and easy and very effective.
My personal fav is the “Instant” filter – gives your iPhone photos a “Polaroid” look.
And the other bonus? It’s available as a Macbook app as well.

This is a FREE app.
When you spend half your life in your car, you do get worried about speed cameras, red light cameras etc.
This app is a live service.
It will alert you when you are approaching a school zone, a known police hotspot and so much more.
Best part about this app is, you can report live police/RBT etc and alert all those on the road around you.

File Viewer:
This app costs $1.19
iPhones are not the best phones when it comes to carrying information.
Blackberry’s are much more suited to the business world
This is a lifesaver.
You copy your computer files over to this beauty and have all your files on the go, all the time.

This is a FREE app.
Remember envying Cher’s closet in “Clueless”
Well, now, you can have the same!
Upload photos of your clothes, shoes and accessories and plan your day’s outfit from the comfort of your bed.
Downside is the time consuming upload of all your clothes,
But once that’s done, its easy!

Another FREE app.
Ever put your iTunes on really loud in a connecting room and hate the sound that plays?
Remote is just that, a remote from your iPhone to your laptop iTunes
This one connects your to wireless internet. Genius.

So, what are your favourite iPhone apps?


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