Teabag of death.

When I drink tea in the office I don’t have the time to let it brew like I do when I am at home.

So, instead of leaving it to brew – and ultimately forgetting about it
I leave the teabag in the cup.
Most of the time I fiddle with the tag and the string and it usually ends up being threaded around the mug handle.

Which isn’t a problem.
It holds the teabag still.
Which is a bonus.

when you encounter the teabag of death.
The teabag that wants to kill you.
Do not take your focus off this teabag whilst sipping.
One falter of focus will result in the teabag jumping down your throat.
Leaving you [if you’re lucky] spluttering tea all over your laptop screen
your desk
your shirt
your skirt
and anything else in a 5m proximity to your seat.

Death by choking hazard.


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