Ding Dong Ditch

The prank phone call.

I for one, have never understood the fun in prank phoning someone.
Surely you would only call people you don’t like.
And, so, why would you want to hear their voice?
Even if only for a short while.

I don’t answer blocked numbers on my private phone.
Truth is, many moons ago, I had a stalker
And the idea of answering a call and not being prepared – creeps me out.

But, if you get a call, from an unknown number – and nobody talks,
What do you do?

See, me personally, if I know I definitely don’t know the number
And I answer it, and no one talks, I let it go
I put my phone in another room, still answered
And just let it sit there.
If someone is stupid enough to butt dial my number
They are stupid enough to have it seen on their phone bill.

The way I see it,
If you aren’t important enough to be in my contacts list.
You aren’t important enough to be concerned about.


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