Dairy Free Zone

I made the decision today to go dairy-free.
Not because it’s the “in” thing.
Not because I am anti-animal products.
It’s just my little “fad” of the moment.

I love dairy.
Milk in my coffee.
Parm on my pasta
Mozza melted on toast.
A bit of dark choc here and there.

It doesn’t really sit well.
It’s bloating.
And it weighs me down.

I am trying to become healthier.
Not by cutting out alcohol, and cigarettes and all those other things that people give up all the time,
But more,
Use organic where possible.
Eat fresh, not frozen.
Substitute coffee for tea when I can.

That’s not to say I won’t eat dairy.
I’m not going to go out and be Ms Picky McAnnoying at a restaurant.
I will still indulge with a cheese platter at casual BBQ’s
Will just be avoiding it, at home
at work
as long as it is easy to do so.

That said,
You all should try almond milk
If you haven’t already.
And its even better in homemade lattes than skim.
It adds just that extra bit of flavour
And goes perfectly with home ground beans.


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