A good friend of mine does Tarot readings.
She read my cards.

My question was learning related.
Basically, will I finish my bachelor, with the results I desire.

The answer:
You might need to pick a tutor up to get there my cards tell me that you mainly use your intuition to get through it (You’ve got all the tools and knowledge you need to get you through it but I feel that a tutor will help you get there quicker) but that to get the outcome you want you should seek assistance from someone very knowledgable in this area.
The outcome if you do this is that you will have sonething your very proud of and will show off to others about.

This response has me very excited to complete my degree.
I have not had much experience with Tarot or Psychic readings.
But, after this, I am considering having my palms read.
I would like to know more, more about everything.

What has your experience been with these kinds of situations?
Good, bad, ugly – I want to hear it all.


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