A note from my suburb

Dear Lexi,

Never assume the “Convenience” store will have what you want/need.
Especially a small coastal convenience store.
They have regular items – bread, milk, eggs
Not mozzarella.
So either, get off your lazy bum and drive 15 minutes to get some,
Or try and act normal and just deal with Tasty for once in your life.

Remember, You are no longer in a capital city.
Mozzarella, handmade Gnocchi and fresh basil are not ‘everyday’ items here.

However, we do enjoy your attire.
Knee high boots, skinny jeans, a trench and a face full of makeup.
Get dressed up for all the eligible bachelors/pensioners did we?

Small Coastal Town

Note: Yes I was dressed up.
You don’t leave your house looking like death where I come from.

Yes I did get a few death stares.
I never feel like I belong here – but do I really want to and become as complacent as the rest of this community?

Yes I did ask for fresh mozzarella, I still think thats normal.
I also think its normal to be able to purchase Gelato at 3am. In winter.
Don’t think they even know what Gelato is here.

I’m a city girl. Sue me.


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