The Five Senses #1

I’m currently smelling … a combination of vanilla scented candles and coconut hair treatment. Friday night pampering after a really long week of work, late nights and the wrangling of the two year old.

I’m currently tasting… peppermint. My new found addiction is peppermint tea. I am obsessed. Currently awaiting 3 new brands to be delivered. Was hoping to have them today – have to stick to the twinnings until then.

I’m currently seeing… the shiny backlight of my mac screen, the flickering candles in the corner of the room and the delicious Chris Meloni AKA Det. Elliot Stabler on SVU.

I’m currently touching… the keyboard with my right fingertips and my iPhone screen with the other.
Blog with one hand, tweet with the other, talented much? or maybe just plain addicted.

I’m currently hearing… courtroom antics on SVU, and someone’s heels clicking up the street. The SVU is normal for a Friday evening, the heels are not. I live in a small coastal town, and we are the youngest occupants of our street by at least 30 years – walk of shame perhaps? 10:30 is late in pension time, yeah?


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