Life moves at an amazing rate.
A week can drag by and in a space of a few short hours it flies to an end.

I am going to take this as a lesson.
I can’t just jump into something that never felt right.
Even though I convinced myself I wanted it.
And just because it’s over
Before it even started
I am happy it happened.
Made me realise that I don’t need to chase other peoples dreams.

Its my life.
I have a million things I want to, need to, accomplish before I even consider settling down.

Commitment isn’t for everyone.
In fact, the ending was a bit of a relief.


One Comment to “Relief”

  1. I love you
    but i don’t believe you
    you are allowed to want a shoe closet, a fabulous career and a closet full of Chanel as well as a husband, a mortgage and a baby at the same time.

    I know this because I want all of that too

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