My family drama would strongly rival the plot of a daytime soapie.

But unfortunately, it would take longer than 30 minutes a day to unravel the plot.

There are marriages.
Illegimate Children.
And many secrets.

My surname is my “married” name.
In fact, it no longer belongs to me.
If you want to get technical, it never did.

The drama is constant.
And whilst I carry this name,
I am not apart of this family.
And I don’t ever care to be.
Its like constantly reliving high school.

I avoid reunions at all costs.

I just don’t have the courage to take back my “maiden” name.
Even though, with that name comes the family I love.
The family who loves me.
The typical, close family.
Who cares.

Not the family that cheats,
Sleeps around
and causes drama.


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