Not-quite-Wednesday Wants

– Season seven, eight and nine of SVU; can’t buy them anywhere!

– My tax return, come on ATO; you’ve gained enough interest off it already

– iPhone 4; Telstra you promised me this AGES ago. make good on promises for once

– my treadmill to be delivered. need to lose these thunders of thighs.

– Someone to cook me dinner. can’t be bothered.

– a new spine. Stupid 12yr old
me didn’t think about old age when I injured that one.

– the weekend to be here. nows. I miss my friend

– Brisbane to be less than a 14hr drive, 2 hrs would be wicked.

– everyone to be smiling 🙂

maybe this should of been not-quite-Wednesday whinges?


One Comment to “Not-quite-Wednesday Wants”

  1. Definately agree with Brisbane being a shorter drive.
    But I do believe it probably takes 10 hours.
    Definately not 14.
    We could get to Ballina in 6. Gold coast another hour later. and Brisbane is about an hour an a half from there.
    So no more than 10

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