Living space

I have this little thing where I hate leaving the house untidy.
I hate waking out the door knowing there are dishes in the sink or magazines left on the loungeroom floor.

my room is a different story.
I can close the door and walk away.

I have two loungerooms.
One is always bright, and has the toys and kids DVDs.
The other is carpeted, dark and has a leather lounge – more for adult company.
I spend my evenings in the ‘adult’ loungeroom.
so usually, when I eventually get to bed my loungeroom is left with all the things I use each evening – magazines, floor pillows, study notes and nail file or three.
I hate leaving them there – but they are things I used everyday.

yesterday, I bought a solution.
a cute zebra print ottoman that doubles as a storage basket.
all my junk can get thrown in, in less than 30 seconds and it makes the room so much tidier.

I love cute storage solutions.


2 Comments to “Living space”

  1. thats the best idea
    my two loungerooms function in the exact same way lol

  2. There is one at the front of the house which is where my room, and spare room is.
    Which is divided by the back of the house by the study, kitchen and dining rooms.
    Then there is a loungeroom at the back, which connects to Cohens room and the other spare room.
    So, when Cohen goes to bed, I was going to the front room so I could make noise and not wake him.
    Just works better 🙂
    Plus, he can put his toys everywhere and I can just close the door and forget about it

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