Traded my soul for a pair of shoes.

I am drowning in debt.
There, I admitted it.

I have a Mastercard.
And a Visa card.
Not to mention, the cost of my Valuation Diploma.
And my HECS/HELP on my Bachelor of Communications.
All up, I owe equal to a substantial deposit on a house.

Its a scary fact.

I never wanted a loan,
Let alone a credit card.
But when you are 18
And trying to live in the big city on less than 30K a year, its not easy.

I didn’t know how to say no to increases.
My measely weekly wage hardly covered rent,
Let alone food, utilities, transport.

So now, when I am at the point when I want to own my own home,
I have to come up with a ridiculous amount of money,
to cover my stupidity as a teen.

As a good friend said recently – Debt is not glamorous.
And it’s true.
It really isn’t.

I no longer live beyond my means.
Sure, I spend money on new shoes
and I get my nails and hair done
And, yes, maybe I should put this money towards getting out of debt faster.

But on the other hand,
If I don’t go out
And I spend no money.
I won’t have people to enjoy my eventual home purchase with.


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