Friday Fails.

Stolen , or inspired?, by my favourite blogger MissStella

These are my Friday Fails

1. Dented nail polish – Painted them a pretty pastel yellow late last night.
This morning, they have those fabulous dents caused by my favourite black satin sheets.

2. Air Conditioner – Once again, left the air con on before I went to bed, woke up at 3am boiling.
The whole house was set to 31 degrees.

3. I didnt unpack the dishwasher last night; therefore my coffee mug, and last nights cooking utensils are sitting in my sink. I hate leaving the house a mess.

4. I am craving black tea. This is because the flu has finally caught up with me.
The fail being, I am up to my 3rd cup.
I am in the office, alone.
All day.

Do yourselves a favour and read


3 Comments to “Friday Fails.”

  1. Lovely friday fails 🙂
    I think I’m going to have it feature each week.
    Only question now is does it appear on chatterbox or red heels ?

  2. I linked redheels to up the traffic there
    but I think leave it on chatterboxx?
    People can relate to your life betterthere?

  3. Thanks dear ❤

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