Friday Fails part two

1. southerly winds bringing back my allergies. sneezing; whilst battling the flu is not fun. my chest hurts so bad that my asthma has decided it wants to join the party too.

2. iPhone battery; yep, after two hours of charge I got a full 18minutes of twittering and texting before it gave me the red symbol

3. Being too excited to try the peppermint tea recommended by miss chatterboxx; burnt my tounge, bottom lip and my hand after spilling it

4. it’s a night of burns. wrapping myself up in my snuggie fresh from the dryer and being burnt from a button that had fallen off an item of clothing from my last load of washing

5. Alexandra Cabot dying (or fake dying and going into witness protection) . I wanted to be a lawyer because of her. and her name rocks 🙂

6. Fail of a Friday. it’s Friday night. I am sitting home, alone, watching TV on DVD, drinking peppermint tea and feeling like death. and all I wanna do is go out dancing.


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