Answering a Blog, with a blog.

A dear friend of mine posted a blog today about housework.
And mixing housework with being a mother.

She asked how it was possible that a mother, that a housewife can do both these things and work full time.

I work full-time.
I am a part-time mother.
And somewhere along the line, housework needs to be done too.

The balance is never the same.
Something always has to give.
A day off work because the demonchild is sick.
An extra day of childcare to cover the office.
Letting the kid leave his toys out to have a decent amount of sleep.
It is forever changing.

I am not a typical “housewife”
I live alone.
My man is thousands of kilometres away, fighting for our freedom.
I am a part-time mother
A full-time employee.
So I can juggle things a little bit easier.

The most important thing to remember is that your kid comes first.
Then your job – or hobby.
and then the house.

Housework will always wait.
Your child, your partner, yourself – shouldn’t have to.


2 Comments to “Answering a Blog, with a blog.”

  1. You juggle it all better then I ever would.
    When I finish uni and get a job, the only way the house will get clean is if we hire a maid 😛

  2. Or a nanny?

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