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July 31, 2010

And yes.

I am that tech-dependant that I am mourning the loss of the use of my iPhone more than the loss of a relationship.

I ❤ material things.
I am a material girl.

Shiny new things make me happy.

Money does make my world go 'round

July 31, 2010


And now for the venting.

I have been anxiously awaiting the purchase of my new laptop.
And one of the main reasons was to upgrade my iPhone software.
Because – who doesn’t want a photo background and app folders?

I finally got my new shiny mac all set up.
Transferred all the data from my old laptop over.
All sorted.

I am currently in my ninth hour, of my third attempt, to upgrade.
The first time, I attempted it at work.
Run out of time. Cancelled it.
Second attempt. I started the sync.
Went to bed.
Woke up this morning to my internet timing out before the upgrade had finished.
[Nice call, Telstra]
Third attempt, Nine hours without using my phone?
I am having withdrawals.
And there is no end in sight.
That little ‘progress’ bar is driving me INSANE.
It barely moves.
Worst of all, there is no cancel button.
If I disconnect now, I will only have to reinstall program for it to even turn on.
Hello, square one!

Why can’t apple just make it simple?
Make it quick, and easy.
It sure would make me want to purchase more of their products.

July 31, 2010


Life moves at an amazing rate.
A week can drag by and in a space of a few short hours it flies to an end.

I am going to take this as a lesson.
I can’t just jump into something that never felt right.
Even though I convinced myself I wanted it.
And just because it’s over
Before it even started
I am happy it happened.
Made me realise that I don’t need to chase other peoples dreams.

Its my life.
I have a million things I want to, need to, accomplish before I even consider settling down.

Commitment isn’t for everyone.
In fact, the ending was a bit of a relief.

July 31, 2010

Back to one.

And I am alone again.

Not that I was ever really with him.
Since he was thousands of kilometres away.

Some things work in theory.
They fall apart in practice.


I thought this was going to be my fairytale ending.
Marriage, and mortgage and babies.
But then, he landed.
He was back.
And I got scared.


July 26, 2010


I want to runaway.
I don’t care where.

I just need out of this town
and away from everything

even just a few days
in solitude

July 19, 2010

Taking a break from the world of blogging.
I have come to enjoy it less and less the more I do it.

And I tend to only write out of pressure from my blogging peers.

Once I start, I can’t stop.
I am addicted.
But I feel that whilst I am not enjoying it, I am letting you all down by producing less-then-interesting reading.

To keep up with my blogging addiction, you can still follow me here
and here

Maybe once I have my life organised a bit better.
And my laptop is repaired.
I will feel inspired once again.

July 18, 2010


today is a special day.

A gorgeous bub leaves babyhood and becomes a toddler.
a cheeky, loving little man.

I am sorry I couldn’t be there for your first birthday, to celebrate with cocktails with your mummy.
watch you ‘blow out’ your candles and open your presents.

Preston, this one is for you.
I wish you all the happiness in the world, today, and always.

Happy 1st Birthday!


July 18, 2010

Sloth Sunday

Sorry for my absence over the last few days.
I’ve not only lacked inspiration, I’ve been busy.

today, I am having a well deserved break.
Chilling on the lounge watching movies and doing not much else.
I only ever get to do this when I am sick – so it’s a nice change of pace.

My best friends are up from Sydney and they are up for a weekend of nothing.

but, I am thankful this only happens once in a blue moon. no exercise, takeaway and too much alcohol. My skin is hating me.
I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

July 15, 2010


My family drama would strongly rival the plot of a daytime soapie.

But unfortunately, it would take longer than 30 minutes a day to unravel the plot.

There are marriages.
Illegimate Children.
And many secrets.

My surname is my “married” name.
In fact, it no longer belongs to me.
If you want to get technical, it never did.

The drama is constant.
And whilst I carry this name,
I am not apart of this family.
And I don’t ever care to be.
Its like constantly reliving high school.

I avoid reunions at all costs.

I just don’t have the courage to take back my “maiden” name.
Even though, with that name comes the family I love.
The family who loves me.
The typical, close family.
Who cares.

Not the family that cheats,
Sleeps around
and causes drama.

July 14, 2010

not a heart attack.

just a month without sickness is all I could ever hope for

get well soon